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The Conservative Food Blogconservativefoodblog.wordpress.comflag
The Conservative Food Blog A conservative, tradition-friendly, trend-averse perspective on food, food issues, wine, cooking, and eating. Focusing on the realities of food, wine, food elites, food education, and food media. Especially: • food/foodie trends: hype, conformism, and centerlessness • food/foodie-activist’s self-righteousness • overpricing — and consequent overpaying — for less food and often less flavor • self-promotional hucksterism of food media and manufactured food ‘celebrities’
The United States is a nation facing a profound and fundamental decision - Who are we going to be? The greatest threat to America's enduring legacy of self-determination, self-reliance, and personal responsibility is the people themselves. The crux of our democratic republic is an active, informed, and responsible citizenry. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." - Wendell Phillips
Laura Echevarrialauraechevarria.comflagdonate
Conservative commentary from a former spokesperson and media director for a national pro-life citizens' lobby group.
The Politics of Privilege and Disdainthepoliticsofprivilegeanddisdain.wordpress.comflag
The Politics of Privilege & Disdain For the past 50 years, the U.S. has been and remains in an intensifying clash of visions, mentalities, and moral-political cultures. Two principal blocs of elites compete for exposure, followers, votes, and power: Progressive, statist, well-educated elites who garner support from less-advantaged and identity-based client groups; and from antinomians, cultural secularists, opponents — however much they have enjoyed and continue to reap its benefits — of capitalism and of pro-American world policies, and from technocrats, public-employees’ unions, and supporters of permissive, liberationist moralities. Market-endorsing elites who benefit from and/or who accept market processes and outcomes as preferable to statist solutions; upholders of traditional Judeo-Christian moralities and of traditional family roles, values, and authority. There are many paths to understanding this fundamental fracture — its origins and development, its growing impacts