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Red State New Mediaredstatenewmedia.comflag
Red State New Media has helped Republican candidates and organizations succeed. We combine carefully honed marketing skills with the unique technical and community aspects of the internet to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. * We listen to your goals, consider your budget and recommend a one size fits all. * We'll recommend the best practices... so you invest your funds wisely. * We can set up programs for you and your staff to run... or we can act as your virtual campaign staff. We only work with Republicans. Connectbase-connect.comflag
Base Connect is a full-service creative agency for conservative candidates running at the national level. We also serve PACs, non-profit advocacy organizations and non-profit charitable groups. At Base Connect, we know that making a difference in American politics is about innovative tactics, caring about your cause, and focusing on the right parts of the big picture. From direct mail design and management to fundraising strategy, Base Connect fortifies your platform to extend the reach of your message nation-wide.
Eberle Associateseberleassociates.comflag
Eberle Associates is really a family of individuals who love their country, care about each other, and are enthusiastic about the organizations they serve. They want to make America a better place for their children by spreading the conservative message across our land. That's their personal mission in life and it's what they do every day at Eberle Associates. We believe in limited government that does not usurp the freedom of its citizens, but is strong enough to protect our freedom through a strong national defense. We strive for a society that not only seeks prosperity through free enterprise, but also offers equal justice for all. And because we recognize that individual freedom cannot exist without virtue, we strongly support programs that promote self reliance, build moral character, and encourage faith in God. We see a nation that is not only free, but good.
Victory Solutionsvictorysolutions.usflag
At Victory Solutions, our motto is Technology Empowering the Right. This is more than a tagline—it is our guiding mission. Dedicated to the development of campaign technology, our goals are to help elect conservatives to public office and enable conservative political professionals to grow their businesses and win elections.
Campaign Committee for Michigan Conservativescampaigncommitteeformichiganconservatives.comflag
The Campaign Committee for Michigan Conservatives is an organization committed to helping traditional conservative candidates get elected to office, regardless of party affiliation. We are a PAC devoted to training volunteers to help Conservative Candidates, regardless of party, to run successful, ethical campaigns and win elections. We will support and work for candidates who will hold the moral high-ground on Truth, Freedom and Justice as guaranteed in our Constitution and who are committed to reigning in our out-of-control government.