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Forest Trail Academy is one of the leading accredited online high schools in United States imparting top-notch k-12 homeschool education to the students nationwide and worldwide. Homeschooling has come into main stream of education and serving as the best alternative education to traditional. Online schooling is helping children to earn the degree at their own pace beyond the geographical boundaries. K-12 Online Home school courses include Online Elementary School (Kindergarten – Grade 5), Online Middle School (Grade 6 – Grade 8), Online High School (Grade 9 – Grade 12). Apart from the regular courses online school do provides Dual Enrollment Courses, Advanced Placement Courses, Credit Recovery/Individual Courses, and Adaptive/Prescriptive Courses. FTA do encourage the high school and post graduate student athletes to earn the education and sports training and get successful athletically and academically.
The Ashbrook Center offers academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. The Ashbrook Scholar program has dramatically increased in both size and scope since its creation. Ashbrook Scholars are distinguished in their academic standing, personal achievement and moral character. While these young students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, they all share a common characteristic in their public spiritedness and a common concern for principled political leadership. Instituteleadershipinstitute.orgflag
The Institute doesn’t analyze policy; it teaches conservative Americans how to influence policy through direct participation - activism and leadership. The Leadership Institute actively supports the entire conservative community. Unique among conservative nonprofits, the Leadership Institute freely shares its most valuable resource - its list of students trained and its list of conservative student campus groups - with other conservative organizations.
Parents Have Rightsparentshaverights.comflag
Our goal with parents have rights . com is to inform the American people. Stop the international curriculum from being implemented in our public schools in the form of Ib world schools are based in Geneva Switzerland. The international bias against the national history of our country is a serious threat. Most parents have no idea how extreme the situation is. Transformation of America has begun. Direct assault against our children has major implications for their future and ours. Our freedom as families and our personal beliefs are under direct attack. The attack is not directed at us as adults but directed at our children. The goal is change their minds, change a generation, change a nation.
Kids4biz teaches young people about the foundations of Capitalism through simple and fun stories.