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Award winning internet filtering and monitoring software for the home and office.
Safe Eyesinternetsafety.comflag™ has been a leading provider of web filtering solutions for consumers and businesses since 1999. The company's flagship software, Safe Eyes®, is the two-time recipient of the PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, earned a separate Editor's Choice Award from LAPTOP Magazine, and was rated as the #1 parental control solution by America's leading consumer advocacy publication. Other products include Safe Eyes Mobile, the first family-safe browser for the iPhone, and EtherShield, a hardware appliance offering plug-and-play Internet filtering for business environments. The company's products are used by customers in more than 150 countries. Filterinternetfilter.comflag
The Internet Filter If2k system for Macintosh OS X is an easy to use and effective way to control access to web content on any web browser available for Mac OS X. It can block known bad websites, websites with links to bad websites, and can block every website except those in a ‘good’ list if you want. It includes a database of almost half a million known pornography urls and sophisticated phrase filtering to block most other pornography websites. It can censor web page content and off-site images. It allows you to customize the bad site lists, good site lists, and bad phrases list. It allows you to fully customize the message that appears when a website or image is blocked. It can read its settings and database from a remote website automatically on a timed schedule, allowing easy administration of multiple computers. Linkcharacterlink.netflag
BSecure Online’s filter unequivocally offers the highest level of Internet protection available on the market today. The combination of the human-review process with a white-list and black-list approach, supported by our rapidly expanding database of more than 1 million reviewed sites makes it the strongest, most reliable, and most effective option you can choose. Not only is it inherently stronger, BSecure also offers ultimate flexibility to families who wish to maintain a high level of safety for some members while allowing others more freedom to exercise discretion in their use of the Internet.