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Republican party political news, issues, history, State party contacts, and political merchandise. How to donate or become involved in the political process by contacting elected officials, registering to vote, and how to join the GOP. Explanation of Republican party positions.
Political news, press releases and information from the Conservative Party of Canada, a political party that believes in preserving the Canadian Constitution, defending the rights of all, and a keeping a fiscally responsible government. How to join, volunteer or contribute to the Conservative party. USAgrasstopsusa.comflag
News and commentary on the liberal agenda. Defense Allianceiowadefensealliance.comflag
The Iowa Defense Alliance is a group of committed conservative Iowa Bloggers whose goal is to protect traditional Iowa values.
Civil Candorcivilcandor.comflag
Enlightened cynicism for turbulent times. Civil Candor discusses why our leaders act the way they do, how we arrived at the sorry state our country is in, and what we can do to fix the problems America faces including illegal immigration, education, wanton spending and debt, and our increasingly dysfunctional government.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a public interest group dedicated to free enterprise and limited government. We believe that the best solutions come from people making their own choices in a free marketplace, rather than government intervention. CEI reaches out to the public and the news media to ensure that our ideas are heard, work with policymakers to ensure that they are implemented, and, when necessary, take our arguments to court.
The Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) is a voluntary association of elected Colorado legislators that formulates, supports, and communicates legislative actions and positions. RSCC provides long range planning and continuity between legislative sessions, helps identify and prioritize content on issues supported by the RSCC, fosters better coordination with groups that support Republican core issues, and increases the potential for national and state-to-state sharing and coordination of legislative information.
Republican Study
The Republican Study Committee is a group of House Republicans organized to advance a conservative social and economic agenda in the House of Representatives. The Republican Study Committee is dedicated to: a limited and Constitutional role for the federal government, a strong national defense, the protection of individual and property rights, and the preservation of traditional family values. The group has played a major role in key policy areas including budget, appropriations, taxes, education, Social Security reform, defense, deregulation, and general government reform. The Republican Study Committee is an independent research arm for Republicans. Partyconservativepartyusa.comflag
The Conservative Party mission is to reestablish the limits of the government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Conservative Partytheamericanconservatives.orgflag
We are a group of ordinary citizens: bloggers, town council members, civil servants, business owners, engineers, you name it. This is not an "astroturf" party funded by a billionare with an agenda of his own; this is America, as mainstream as it gets. Some of us are registered Republicans; some Libertarians, a few Blue Dog Democrats, and a lot of people that have refused to apply any party tag to themselves. Many of us have been citizen activists in the past, but became dissatisfied with the choice between the socialist Democrats and the Democratic-lite Republican Party.

The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization. ACU's purpose is to communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization. ACU's Statement of Principles expresses our commitment to a market economy, the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense.
Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe, but believes that the EU is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free. Keepersoathkeepers.orgflag
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers, and firefighters who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial. Linepowerlineblog.comflag
Political commentary blog - a conservative view. City Squarethecitysquare.blogspot.comflag
Political commentary blog.

Citizen Linkcitizenlink.orgflag
Citizen action and news on family values issues. Brought by Focus on the Family. Obamaimpeachobamacampaign.comflag
Petition for the impeachment of Barack Obama. Competent Conservativethecompetentconservative.comflag
Blog supporting Mitt Romney.
Independent Conservativeindependentconservative.comflag
Blog by a black conservative whose views have grown more conservative, abandoning his former fiscally liberal views.
What they're not sayingwhattheyrenotsaying.blogspot.comflag
Welcome to the blog of what they're not saying. Here, "they" means those who belong to the rising national and international order of current belief and thought. I hope to deliver weekly good quality, partisan-free essays about subjects of debate, bringing you to the conclusion that any person, regardless of their ideology, should be able to come to. Anyone is welcome to visit this blog. Please vote in the polls, subscribe to new essays, and invite your friends.

The Hispanic Conservativethehispanicconservative.comflag
Far too long, the democrat party has divided our country for political power. A populist message designed for the unlearned ear can only be defused by proper education and wise marketing. But this must occur at a local grassroots level. Hispanics need to know that there is someone in their corner, providing them with the right tools to fight against today’s adversity and to preserve traditional Hispanic culture. With liberals at the helm of Congress and the White House, there isn’t a better time than the present to fight for the soul of the Hispanic community.
he mission of the RNHA in Washington is to build a grassroots organization to foster the principles of the Republican Party in the Hispanic community; · To organize, inform, empower, and motivate the Hispanic Community to participate in the political process, · Provide leadership training · To provide a forum for Republican Hispanic leaders to discuss on a state and national level key issues and to inform and help lead the Hispanic community · To provide American Hispanics an opportunity to play an influential role in local, state, and national party politics and elections · To create and maintain a network of Hispanic Republican leaders, · To introduce Hispanic leaders to the state and national RNC leadership · To increase the number of Hispanic Republican elected officials, · Provide a Republican Hispanic leaders a voice to the media and the Hispanic community on key Hispanic issues of our day
Raging Elephantsragingelephants.orgflag
Dedicated to advance the cause of conservatism-libertarianism by growing the ranks of conservative voters through RACIAL DIVERSITY. We envision a rejuvenation of conservatism by seeing more Americans of color join the movement. We will educate those that have been shackled by the chains of liberal/socialist ideology about its destructive nature and challenge them to reconsider their party affiliations that promote such political ideology.
24th State is named for Missouri, the nation's political bellwether which has the honor of being the 24th state admitted to the union. From Springfield to Kirksville, from Kansas City to St Louis, we cover the state's news, views, politics, rumors, and elections. The site is a group blog, run by average citizens from across Missouri with a desire to get involved in the political process.
Forum for political and social issues. Black Conservative Digestablackconservativedigest.ning.comflag
A Black Conservative Digest (ABCD) was started by Dena Leichnitz in order to give Black conservatives (and those that support them) a place where they could go and make their voices heard. Ms. Leichnitz hopes to grow a large enough Black conservative base to run candidates in local, state and national elections. The goals of ABCD are: To build a media empire that serves Black conservatives both online, in print, television, etc. To run campaigns and candidates at all governmental levels. To promote conservatism and educate the Black community about conservative causes and get them involved. To empower Blacks with information concerning the political process, legislation, etc. in order for them to be more fully informed voters.
Black Conservative Blogblackconservativeblog.brighterplanet.orgflag
Conservative commentary from a black blogger.
Another Black Conservativeanotherblackconservative.blogspot.comflag
am a black conservative from a black conservative family. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and finally settled in New Jersey. Throughout my life I knew I did not share many of the common beliefs of other American blacks. For starters, I never took to the term African-American. I put myself and my beliefs out here in cyberspace, to show my fellow blacks that there is something more. That one need not accept the false promise of the next social program, the belief in government as savior or the next Democratic candidate will right all wrongs.
Conservative Black Womanconservativeblkwoman.blogspot.comflag
I am fed up with what has happening within the black community. Too many of our families are broken, too many of us are morally degenerate and too many of us are willing to blame all of our pathology on slavery, George Bush, the Republican party or anything but our failures as Parents, Husbands, Wives and Christians.
Created to act as a conduit between the Asian community and the Conservative party in representing its concerns and aspirations. Today the BACL is widely recognised as the largest and most influential Asian Conservative organisation with a diverse membership and national reach. The BACL mission is to increase political awareness among the Asian community and to offer the Conservative Party support and advice in engaging with Asian voters, through consultation and policy projects.

Collectively, the contributors of TechRepublican focus, like a laser, to report best practices on the application of technology to the political spectrum, identifying Republicans and conservatives throughout the world who are using the Internet to bridge that great partisan digital divide and reach modern voters. We'll provide tips, tricks, and tools for campaigns to use -- for FREE.
Can you hear us now? End Media
We've packed town hall meetings, local tea party events and even Washington D.C. But you wouldn't know it if you were home reading and watching "mainstream media". They obviously need our help.
Teens for Libertyteensforliberty.comflag
Teens for Liberty is for Americans who notice the corruption and radical agendas in our government, and want our country to be led by honest individuals. Our site is especially for the younger generation: Those whom the failures and massive debts of this generation’s leaders will fall upon, and those whom will also be responsible for correcting those failures. Our mission is to equip you with the tools necessary to start a revolution back to the constitutional, Christian principles that this great Republic was founded upon. Party (Louisiana)louisianaconservativeparty.orgflag
Our mission is to re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
We believe that, our liberties do not come from government, but are a gift from God and therefore cannot be taken away; Our most important liberty is the right to life. All other freedoms flow from the right to life and therefore the right to life is the pre-eminent right that must be protected; The family is the foundation of a healthy society. Any attempt to redefine marriage and the family destroys this foundation and erodes our liberty; The role of government in a free society is very limited, as government cannot accomplish what free enterprise and private charity can; Our federal government has a budget deficit because it spends too much, not because it taxes too little. Spending and taxes should be reduced; The U.S. military should be the strongest in the world. It should be used when the security of the United States is directly threatened. When our military strikes, it should do so with overwhelming force and precision; Essential and constitutional governmental services, inclu

MyConservatives is a new online network that gives you the tools to campaign for the candidates you support, and issues that you care about. Here are some of the things you can do: Help with campaigning and social action Donate directly to individual campaigns Ring voters from the comfort of your home Set up online tickets for fundraising events Lobby for issues with emails and petitions
Political action site for England's conservative party. Get involved and donate. Wing Dogrightwingdog.wordpress.comflag
I am A PROUD AMERICAN, A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN and A POLITICAL JUNKIE and I believe in THE FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT! I am an active member of THE VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY and a VOCAL SPONSOR of THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR. I am also not fond of President Barack Hussein Obama nor his crew of yes men/woman (many call it Congress).
Unlike most conservative Web sites, isn’t devoted to attacking Democrats. We’re devoted to relauching the conservative movement. That’s why focuses on the real threat to conservative victory: Big-Government Republicans. Left-wing Democrats aren’t conservatives’ problem; we’ve consistently beaten them—at the polls and in the success of our policies. The purpose of is to undo the damage caused by the Republicans who’ve betrayed the conservative cause. is the only Web site completely devoted to relaunching the conservative movement.
Conservative Outpostconservativeoutpost.comflag
To advance the cause of a comprehensive conservative philosophy within the Republican Party, in government and within the conservative movement itself. We're not hear to debate what we believe - but to take advantage of opportunities for activism on our principles. If you're on board with that program, then the Outpost is for you! Conservatives of Virginiaunitedconservatives.blogspot.comflag
Blog supporting tea parties and conservative values.
Conservative Americans Unitedconservativeamericansunited.orgflag
To unite a nationwide network of conservative Americans that speak with one voice to promote conservatism in government, media, education, and society.
Our mission is to promote conservatism within the Indian American community and in the United States, focusing on the values of better, more efficient government, lower taxes, personal liberty, religious freedom, a strong national defense and traditional family values. We also work to spread a positive image of the Indian American community, strengthen U.S-India relations, dispel stereotypes about India and present India in a positive light. Conservative Caucusconservativeusa.orgflag
TCC uses many methods to make conservative opinion felt in Congress and the White House. We encourage members and all citizens to call, visit, or write their elected representatives; and to alert other Americans by calling talk shows and writing letters to the editor. Often petitions are collected and delivered to key decision-makers. Testimony before Congressional committees, a weekly conservative cable TV show, a monthly audio tape (Visions of Victory), and Member's Message all help make sure that elected officials hear what conservatives have to say.
The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization. ACU's purpose is to communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization. ACU's Statement of Principles expresses our commitment to a market economy, the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense.

Organization to unite tea parties, activists, and provide news for conservatives across America. Heritage Timesconservativetimes.orgflag
Conservative Heritage Times is a multiuser E-Zine on politics, conservatism, and history. Previously titled Conservative Times, the name was changed to Conservative Heritage Times in June of 2007 to emphasize one of the most ancient aspects of conservatism: “the ancestral.”
Grassfire Nation is a networking website that serves more than one million grassroots conservatives across the nation. For the past decade the word "Grassfire" has come to symbolize cutting edge grassroots conservative online citizen networking. Now the legacy of "Grassfire" continues through Grassfire Nation - a division of Grassroots Action, a privately-held Internet activism services organization that provides news, information and grassroots activism services to individuals and organizations. We seek to provide a wide array of services to the Grassfire Nation so YOU can take action. These services include petitions, resources and practical ways for you to take a stand on key issues of our day. Our goal is to provide information and resources to grassroots conservatives so you can expand your impact. Through the Grassfire Nation, our singular focus in on YOU -- the grassroots conservative. Governmentbiggovernment.comflag
Blog covering politics and social issues of the day. Institutemanhattan-institute.orgflag
Manhattan Institute has been an important force in shaping American political culture and developing ideas that foster economic choice and individual responsibility. We have supported and publicized research on our era's most challenging public policy issues: taxes, health care, energy, the legal system, policing, crime, homeland security, urban life, education, race, culture, and many others. Our work has won new respect for market-oriented policies and helped make reform a reality.

The Heritage Foundation is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute. To formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. All Groupdavidallgroup.comflag
Uses the internet to wage campaigns for Republicans.
FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) is a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationwide. CAGW's mission is to eliminate waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government. Founded in 1984 by the late industrialist J. Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, CAGW is the legacy of the President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control, also known as the Grace Commission.
The NFRW uses its resources to: Promote an informed public through political education and activity; Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government; Facilitate cooperation among the National and state Federations of Republican women's clubs; Foster loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its principles and candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections; and, Support Republican objectives and policies and work for the election of Republican nominees. In working toward these objectives, the NFRW concentrates its efforts in the areas of educating, communicating, recruiting, campaigning, fundraising, training and legislative action.

The mission of RenewAmerica is to expand the influence of America's grassroots — both among individual citizens and among principled groups — in the cause of preserving our nation upon its founding ideals, specifically those in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, as well as those derived from biblical principles. To achieve our mission, we intend to fully utilize RenewAmerica as an alternative media source, as well as foster an ever-growing network of dedicated grassroots citizens who share the vision of RenewAmerica.
The Institute's community of scholars is committed to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise. AEI pursues these unchanging ideals through independent thinking, open debate, reasoned argument, and the highest standards of research and exposition. AEI's purpose is to serve leaders and the public through research and education on the most important issues of the day in the areas of economics, culture, politics, foreign affairs, and national defense. Without regard for political ideology, party, or prevailing fashion, AEI dedicates its work to improving society and government, toward the goal of a more prosperous, safer, and more democratic nation and world. AEI's work is addressed to government officials and legislators, teachers and students, business executives, professionals, journalists, and all citizens interested in a serious understanding of government policy, the economy, and important social and political developments.
The mission of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is to train, educate, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle." Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government. YAL STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES We are the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). As Americans we recognize the God-given natural rights of life, liberty, and property set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual and directed by we the people. We recognize that freedom deserves responsibility and therefore we hold ourselves to a high moral character and conduct. Integrity emphasizes our stance towards action. Principle defines our outlook towards government. Peace and prosperity drives our ambitions towards our countrymen. We inherit a corrupt, coercive world that has lost respect for voluntary action. Our government has failed and dragged our country into moral decay. The
Karl Rove served as Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush from 2000–2007 and Deputy Chief of Staff from 2004–2007. At the White House he oversaw the Offices of Strategic Initiatives, Political Affairs, Public Liaison, and Intergovernmental Affairs and was Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, coordinating the White House policy-making process. Karl has been described by respected author and columnist Michael Barone in U.S. News & World Report as “…unique…no Presidential appointee has ever had such a strong influence on politics and policy, and none is likely to do so again anytime soon.” Washington Post columnist David Broder has called Karl a master political strategist whose “game has always been long term…and he plays it with an intensity and attention to detail that few can match.” Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard, has called Karl “the greatest political mind of his generation and probably of any generation… He knows history, understands the moods of the pub Party Patriotsteapartypatriots.orgflag
Major site for organization of tea parties across America - upcoming event announcements, news, how to get involved.

Heartland's mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, choice and personal responsibility in health care, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies. Republicfreerepublic.comflag
Forum and news covering social and political issues in the United States. John Birch Societyjohnbirchsociety.orgflag
United by a strong belief in personal freedom and limited government, plus a sense of duty, members of The John Birch Society have educated millions of Americans on the appropriate role of government. Using educational and concerted action tools of a wide variety — including local lobbying, distribution of literature, email campaigns, news conferences, petitions, and more — members have played a continuous, pivotal role in halting legislation and federal policies that threaten the independence of our country and our people. Malkinmichellemalkin.comflag
Conservative syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor.
This site provides a directory of news feeds, blog feeds, podcast feeds and video feeds for the top sites on the internet of concern to Christians and conservatives. Additionally, we host a number of blogs directed to Christians and conservatives. for Prosperityamericansforprosperity.orgflag
Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots members of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint. AFP Foundation is committed to educating citizens about economic policy and a return of the federal government to its Constitutional limits. AFP Foundation's educational programs and analyses help policymakers, the media and individual citizens understand why policies that promote the American enterprise system are the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Americans
We are a group of young professionals located in the greater Milwaukee area who believe that our state and nation need conservative leadership to meet today’s challenges. We are concerned about economic growth and the fiscal vitality of the greater Milwaukee area. We refuse to stand by while we are overregulated and overtaxed. Our personal freedoms are under attack. We must work for a smaller, responsible and more efficient government, encourage economic prosperity and entrepreneurship, and foster individual freedom and accountability. Join us for great political discussion and networking. We also like to have fun! CYP will hold events throughout the year, including happy hours, outings, dinners, and tailgates. We also engage in educational forums and in political activities to elect candidates.
The Persistent Conservativethepersistentconservative.comflag
My name is Scot Cerullo and I am a recovering Liberal (The conservatives gathered say, in unison, “Welcome Scot”). It has been 25 years since my last Liberal Lapse. Oh, and for you democrats, liberals and folks on the fence, you are certainly welcomed as well. I was once very liberal and I appreciate anyone who argues from their heart. However, when I began arguing from my brain, it cast the theater of politics in a whole new light, because when I discovered conservitism, I realized I had been home all along.
The YCC seeks to: 1.) Organize a new 21st century young professional conservative networking coalition for the purposes of communication, sharing resources, and strategic coordination; 2.) Serve as an umbrella organization for leading right-of-center young adult and college groups; 3.) Employ an educational awareness campaign defining what it means to be a conservative today and fostering youth activism within the conservative movement at large. Conservativeclaremontconservative.comflag
Conservative blog advocating freedom in thought.

The Next Right is the place for wired activists to build a new Republican Party and conservative movement. As a community-driven grassroots action website for the right, we'll feature in-depth political analysis, on-the-ground reports, and strategic discussion and debate. The site's founding editors are Soren Dayton, Jon Henke, and Patrick Ruffini. Matterajasonmattera.comflag
My aspiration as a kid was to be an NBA player. And by kid, I mean it was at the age of 17 that I gave up that dream. Don’t get me wrong now: I was, in fact, a baller. A really, really good baller. At 15, for instance, I was one of 12 players picked, out of thousands who tried out, to represent NYC in bball competitions against other major cities. (We lost in the finals to Boston. Sigh.) But standing at 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and lacking the ability to jump to high heaven, the dream of becoming a professional basketball player faded. Yet another passion bloomed: Conservatism. I heart free markets, traditional values, and limited government. Currently I represent Young America’s Foundation. I’m also a special TV correspondent for Other interesting factoids: I am the proud older brother of five. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I have two awesomely awesome parents. I continue to play bball, attempting to convince myself that I still got game (which I do). I avoided a
The Conservative Party is committed to helping the taxpayers residing in New York State and firmly believes that tax reform and relief is needed immediately.
Young Conservatives of Texas, a non-partisan conservative youth organization, has been fighting for conservative values for more than a quarter century in the Lone Star State and publishes the most respected ratings of the Texas Legislature. YCT and its members participate in the entire spectrum of Texas politics, attempting to shape the policies of the state of Texas through a number of means including educating students and the public, advocating conservative fiscal and social policies, campus activism, campaigning for political candidates, and rating the Texas legislature. Conservatives of Californiayoungconservativesofcalifornia.comflag
Young Conservatives of California is an independent youth organization dedicated to the preservation of individual liberties through limited government. YCC is an organization that enables student and young adults the opportuniy to participate, intellectually and actively, in the California political process and believes that there is no better way to educate and train young citizens as to the workings of government than to have them directly involved.

YCOP.ORG is A joint website of Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania & YCOP PAC
The American Principles Projectamericanprinciplesproject.orgflag
The American Principles Project is an organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on which our country was founded - universal principles, embracing the notion that we are all, "created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Through our efforts, we hope to return our nation to an understanding that governance via these timeless principles will only strengthen us as a country. for Libertycampaignforliberty.comflag
Our mission is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.
Citizens in Charge Foundation is the only national organization dedicated to the belief that citizens should be in charge of their government. One of the best tools that citizens have for enacting change is the initiative and referendum process. Our organization is made up of activists, legislators, financial supporters, opinion leaders, and most importantly — citizens — who come together to protect and defend this process where it exists, and extend it to where it does not. But no matter our background, we all recognize that additional checks on state legislatures are to be encouraged. Unitedcitizensunited.orgflag
Citizens United is an organization dedicated to restoring our government to citizens' control. Through a combination of education, advocacy, and grass roots organization, Citizens United seeks to reassert the traditional American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security. Citizens United's goal is to restore the founding fathers' vision of a free nation, guided by the honesty, common sense, and good will of its citizens.

At the Institute, we believe in the power and potential of conservative women. Strong women leaders like Clare Boothe Luce, Margaret Thatcher, and Sarah Palin have inspired millions and impacted the world for the better. At our website, you can learn about the different ways we mentor and train women for effective leadership on their campuses, at their workplaces, and in their communities and homes. Our goal is to engage, inform, and connect conservatives across the country, with a special focus on young women who will lead and shape the future of our nation. We accomplish this through: * Leadership & Mentoring Events * Campus Activism Programs * Internships * Networking Opportunities * Resources
College Republicans is the nation's oldest, largest, and most active youth political organization. Founded in 1892, there are currently over 200,000 CR's around the country on 1,800+ campuses in every state and DC. Every year, CR's from all across America come together to help elect Republican candidates, support the Republican agenda, and become the future leaders of the conservative movement. College Republicans are the grassroots arm of the Republican Party - the counterbalance to the unions and leftist interest groups.
Council for Americacouncilforamerica.orgflag
Council for America fights to maintain the sovereignty of the United States. American sovereignty allows the people of the United States to enjoy liberty and freedoms that no other people in the world have. The independence of the United Sates has been purchased and continues to be purchased with the blood of many brave Americans. It is our responsibility as American citizens to defend our nation’s sovereignty so future generations will also know the freedom that our forefathers have bequeathed to us. Forumeagleforum.orgflag
Eagle Forum's Mission is to enable conservative and pro-family men and women to participate in the process of self-government and public policy making so that America will continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise. Eagle Forum's achievements prove that citizen-volunteers can affect government policies in Congress, state legislatures, city councils and school boards; elect candidates at every level; and articulate conservative and pro-family policies through the media.
Freedom's Defense Fundfreedomsdefensefund.comflag
Freedom's Defense Fund is dedicated to the principles of limited government, as the Founders understood them. We believe that when government oversteps the bounds of its authority, it does so at the expense of liberty. We believe that in order for America to prosper it must be free from the shackles of the nanny state.

Founded in 1953, ISI works "to educate for liberty" — to identify the best and the brightest college students and to nurture in these future leaders the American ideal of ordered liberty. To accomplish this goal, ISI seeks to enhance the rising generation's knowledge of our nation's founding principles — limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, the rule of law, market economy, and moral norms. America Safekeepamericasafe.comflag
The mission of Keep America Safe is to provide information for concerned Americans about critical national security issues. Keep America Safe seeks to influence public policy by encouraging dialogue between American citizens and their elected representatives in order to produce legislation and executive action that enhances the national security of the United States.
Let Freedom Ring USAletfreedomringusa.comflag
Let Freedom Ring was formed to counter the attacks of anti-conservative groups on patriotic candidates as well as attacks on the important issues of our day – those that affect the core of our society: the family, marriage, the economy, energy, abortion, health care and foreign policy, to name just a few. We also work to keep our constituents and the media informed about what our founding fathers’ intentions were and how history shapes laws and our culture today. Through seminars, workshops, ad campaigns, leadership and grassroots training and educational materials, Let Freedom Ring strives to motivate, activate and educate those who are interested in keeping America the great nation it has always been.
Liberty Centrallibertycentral.orgflag is a non-profit, non-tax deductible organization which provides a user-friendly, entertaining, and educational website designed to provide an online community for visitors to preserve freedom and reaffirm the core founding principles.
As the largest GOP gathering prior to the 2012 Republican National Convention, you can expect to see the top Republican leaders in the country. The brightest minds and the freshest ideas will be in attendance. Reformcampusreform.orgflag is designed to provide conservative activists with the resources, networking capabilities, and skills they need to revolutionize the struggle against leftist bias and abuse on college campuses. Created to give conservatives powerful new weapons in their fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation of citizens, politicians, and members of the media, facilitates the establishment of conservative student networks and supports their development as a powerful voice of activism on their campuses. It makes available new opportunities for groups’ interaction with alumni, parents, faculty, and other members of the broader community interested in taking a stand for conservative principles on America’s college campuses. Connecting up-to-date communications technologies to a principled stand for limited government, the free market, national defense, and traditional values, makes possible a new generation of student activism to ident
The United States Justice Foundation is a nonprofit public interest, legal action organization dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public on, and to litigate, significant legal issues confronting America USJF was founded in 1979 by attorneys seeking to advance the conservative viewpoint in the judicial arena. Since 1980, USJF has submitted testimony to the U.S. Senate on every Supreme Court appointee and sponsored conferences on a variety of important legal issues. USJF published studies and reports on topical issues and distributes them free of charge to opinion leaders, students and the general public. USJF has contributed directly and indirectly to legal defense efforts in many celebrated cases involving fundamental conservative principles.
The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation was established in 1984 by the family of Professor Vernon K. Krieble, scientist, educator, inventor, and entrepreneur. Recognizing that the Foundation's assets are the product of a free and democratic society, the founders considered it fitting that those assets be used "to further democratic capitalism and to preserve and promote a society of free, educated, healthy and creative individuals."
The Republikid Libertarian Political Blog. The Latest political news. Destroying the liberal war machine one fact at a time. American Future Fundamericanfuturefund.comflag
The American Future Fund operates as a 501(c)(4) and was formed to provide Americans with a conservative and free market viewpoint to have a mechanism to communicate and advocate on the issues that most interest and concern them. Conservative and free market principles will be under direct attack in America. In light of that, it is imperative there be a voice for conservative principles that sustains free market ideals focused on bolstering America’s global competitiveness across the country. Tea Party Expressteapartyexpress.orgflag
The Tea Party Express national bus tour will host a series of tea party rallies all across the nation from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. The effort will begin in San Diego, California on October 25th and travel eastward, building momentum as the tour reaches its final destination: a giant rally in Orlando, Florida on November 12th. The tour comes exactly one-year before the November 2010 elections – and this will serve as a “Countdown to Judgment Day” for our elected officials. Those who are not serving in the nation’s best interest will be put on notice: we’re going to hand you a pink slip! At each stop the tour will highlight some of the worst offenders in Congress who have voted for higher spending, higher taxes, and government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses. These Members of Congress have infringed upon the freedom of the individual in this great nation, and its time for us to say: “Enough is Enough!” The “Tea Party Express” tour will Unitedbconservativesunitedb.blogspot.comflag
Dedicated to uniting both social and fiscal conservatives.
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black) Unhyphenated American! Entertainer/Speaker "American Tea Party Patriot"
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A conservative teenager examines the who, what, why, and how of the world politics.
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Konservative Kartel provides voice to a growing element of the modern conservative movement which rarely fits within current one size fits all factions. Self-Defined Conservatives, or Konservatives develop an ideology that originates in the same founding documents that all conservatives revere, but the journeys conclusion is less guided by expectations of external doctrine.

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Review conservative blogs and keep up with conservative authors.
FDD is a non-partisan institution focusing on national security and foreign policy. FDD was founded by a group of former U.S. officials and visionary philanthropists shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001 to help free nations defend themselves. FDD’s scholars represent a range of perspectives, but all agree: No one should be denied basic human rights -- including freedom of religion, speech and assembly; no one should be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, creed or color. Free and democratic nations have a right to defend themselves and an obligation to defend one another. Terrorism -- the deliberate use of violence against civilians to achieve political objectives -- is always wrong and should not be condoned.
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SCF is a political action committee dedicated to electing strong conservatives to the United States Senate. We do not support liberal Republicans and we are not affiliated with the Republican Party or any of its campaign committees. SCF seeks to bring bold conservative leadership to Washington by supporting only the most rock-solid, conservative candidates nationwide -- candidates who believe in the principles of limited government, strong national defense, and traditional family values.
Since 1986 the South Carolina Policy Council Education Foundation has brought together civic, community and business leaders from all over our state to discuss innovative policy ideas that advance the principles of limited government and free enterprise. The Policy Council's headquarters has served as the meeting place for groups from classroom teachers to our state's top CEO's, who share the goal of encouraging a positive environment in which South Carolina families can thrive, work and raise children.
Michelle Malkin is a nationally syndicated columnist and best-selling author, as well as Fox News Channel contributor. Her personal blog,, is among the most heavily trafficked political websites on the Internet. She can be reached at

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We started out as the official blog for Stop The ACLU.Org. Since that time we have become independent, though we still share some partnership and goals. We are a group of likeminded folks that think the ACLU are doing much more harm than good to America. We hope to influence and inform people of the ACLU’s dangerous agenda. At this time we are not a tax exempt organization, just a loose affiliation of folks trying to start a grassroots awareness campaign. We do petitions, and other citizen organization efforts from time to time. Any donation will go towards furthering our educational campaign to inform the public of the dangers of the ACLU.
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An American conservative website that advocates a return to smaller, leaner government and tax cuts as a means to solve many of the problems we are facing today. The Conservative Camp is Conservative News, Editorials & Opinion, Multimedia, Humor, Issues, Commentary, Community, Blogs, Resources and Analysis and Information that the state-run media will not show. What We Are: The Conservative Camp is a complete web portal and blog site. Our site features; news, resources, information, issues research and advocacy, forums and much more. We feature articles from nationally syndicated columnists as well as articles and blogs from our own Conservative Camp authors, writers and contributors. Our Mission: By providing information and resources to concerned individuals, who are looking for answers to the problems we face today. The Conservative Camp advocates a return to the tested, proven and reliable core conservative principles and values that in the past have created economic stab
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About – Who We Are Like you, the leadership, staff, donors and friends of American Crossroads share a deep love for all that America represents – and a deep concern about the direction we are headed in. Our economy is now in the grip of European-style unemployment. Our national debt still spirals out of control, fueled by Washington’s expense-account mentality. Our power and standing in the world are now openly challenged. We are on the brink of leaving the next generation of Americans a far less secure, strong and prosperous country than we ourselves have enjoyed. Instead of confronting these challenges with realistic solutions, President Obama and his allies in Congress stubbornly cling to the same destructive policies that drove us into this economic and fiscal morass: Backbreaking tax increases. Job-destroying regulatory harassment. And gross fiscal incompetence. In 2012, America will choose between President Obama’s politics of permanent decline and a new era of st
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The American Cause is an educational organization whose mission is to advance and promote traditional American values that are rooted in the conservative principles of national sovereignty, economic patriotism, limited government, and individual freedom.
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Conservative news and links.

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The Republican Party has lost its way and they no longer hold true to the principles of less government, free markets, and individual liberty. We must stay true to the principles that defined our country. The principle that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights: LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY Conservative for Change is a website that was started by a recent college graduate and disgruntled Republican. It is a more libertarian perspective on what true conservatism stands for, and where it should be going.
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Bringing you the most complete and accurate information available concerning Conservative Party, Goverment, and Tea Party information.
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The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a public policy and educational organization which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation. We are a collection of pro-active individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today's problems with the assistance of elected officials, scholars from universities and colleges and community activist. Through publications such as e-magazine The Freedom Journal, lectures and special events, we will distribute those ideas to policy makers and key opinion leaders to make meaningful change
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Fox Enterprises Limited is a not for profit organization that fights for free thought. We are here to supplement your knowledge about current events, giving you relevant information you are unlikely to get from the main stream. Our web site is built largely by the input of others with people, studies, questions, and ideas of interest which support a conservative paradigm. We are trying to introduce equal time for a conservative perspective, despite the dominant and hostile opposition in the press, politics, and intellectual circles. We also strive to expose left wing propaganda and hate speech.
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We are ordinary citizens. We have dedicated our spare time to rectifying the great wrong committed against an honest and honorable leader during the 2008 election. We watched with horror and helplessness as a decent and sincere woman was savaged by a dangerously biased media. We decided that we wouldn't remain powerless anymore. We would organize, and we would use our brains and our keyboards to set the record straight. You don't have to be a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism to call a spade a spade.

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Reportings on politics in Oklahoma, including public records of politicians.
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A Conservative blog written to express the views and opinions of one Black American. The purpose is to share true history, reconnect individuals with their Christian values and to try to connect the dots of liberal intentions and entities.
Welcome to the new network of Tea Parties and related websites. Please feel free to sign up as a member, start a group, and/or request to start your own Tea Party website at any time. After we receive your requests, we will contact you as quickly as possible regarding administration credentials. With your own site, you can completely administer and develop the site, host your own events, and communicate information directly with your site visitors and supporters. We have also added some new social networking features to help you connect with other members such as the ability to make friends, a profile page, a wire (similar to facebook’s wall) with your activity and much more.
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Color is only skin deep.
There is more to The Conservative Underground than being just another social network. I started it so WE can begin rebuilding the conservative party. You say, well the GOP or Republican party is the party that stands for conservative principles. Generally yes, but we need to make sure the new leaders in the GOP will adhere to conservative principles. We must also stand in opposition to those who go against our principles.

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Michigan Conservatives Network is not some big organization or political party. Right now it’s just a loose online network of people discussing issues and having a good time bantering back and forth. As you can see, little money has been invested in to this thing. Facebook Twitter and WordPress are all free online tools used for our network. I don’t have plans right now to turn this in to some huge organization. But hey, if it keeps growing I’m open to doing what I can. Right now it’s just a very loose, online network for Michigan Conservatives to discuss issues. You’re more than welcome to join in on our friendly online network of Michigan Conservatives. You can find us on Facebook. A link to our page is on the Social Media page on the blog.
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Conservative news and commentary by Harry Brooks.
The Insight and Incite Site; focused on the 2nd, 9th and 10th amendments and the protection of the U.S. constitution.
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Michael Johns is a health care executive, former White House and U.S. federal government official, and a conservative policy analyst and writer. He is one of several national founders and leaders of the U.S. Tea Party movement.

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Topical political commentary from a right-leaning, cultural perspective.
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Considers current events from Christian conservative viewpoint and seeks to frame the debate.
Products that speak louder than talk radio. No Fairness Doctrine here!
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Conservation Political News and Commentary
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A conservative political blog from DC insiders with a unique and often humorous perspective.

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Your Emergency Donation to the Majority GOP Conduit can help fund each of the 8 Republicans unfairly targeted by Big Labor for Recall. Please, Donate Now.
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Political news, research into government actions, and conservative advertising to expose the liberal agenda.